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by Harry / November 29, 2009

A review of the books design blogs are talking about; Frank Gehry The Houses, Deconstructing Product Design, We Feel Fine and Einstein's Watch.


Via Cool Hunting, Frank Gehry: The Houses by Mildred Friedman

"The retrospective of Gehry's seminal residential designs over the years includes his work before achieving fame for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. Collectively, they reveal the Pritzker-Prize-winning architect's early and ongoing experimentation with materials, colors, geometry and form... 'Every inhabitant of a house by Gehry becomes an artist, as they are called on not merely to use its spaces, but to perceive its architectures.'"

+ Frank Gehry: The Houses at Amazon


Via Core77, Deconstructing Product Design by William Lidwell and Gerry Manacsa

"William Lidwell and Gerry Manacsa take 100 (mostly) iconic products and hold them up to the scrutiny of a panel of modern design thinkers. For a hard-core industrial designer, deconstruction as disassembly might have been more interesting than deconstruction as critical analysis. Although it could have revealed some hidden engineering mysteries, our desire to see Segways in pieces and Tickle Me Elmo eviscerated may have to wait for another book. Instead of laying waste to products with screwdrivers and crowbars, a wide range of occasionally famous, sometimes beautiful and frequently innovative products are subjected to the verbal barbs and jabs of unexpectedly-funny designers and engineers."

+ Deconstructing Product Design at Amazon


Via David Report Blog, Einstein's watch by Jolyon Fenwick and Marcus Husselby

"In this charming departure from the usual yawnful, consumerist commentary, Jolyon Fenwick and Marcus Husselby conduct a judicious review of the year's available treasures. Their (almost) serious-minded selection takes the reader on a sublimely itinerant journey: from icons of high and popular culture to turning-points in history; from the apex of Hollywood glamour to the most closely-guarded of government secrets; from 104km above the earth to 100ft below the London streets; from the loftiest prices of the world's great salerooms to the gloriously free-of-charge."

+ Einstein's Watch at Amazon


Via DesignNotes, We Feel Fine by Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris

"A subtitle for this review post could have alternatively been titled "I feel like we can learn a ton from this book". We Feel Fine is the companion print piece to the site When a person from a blog publishes the phrase "i feel" or "i am feeling", We Feel Fine picks up the text and places the post info into their database."

+ We Feel Fine at Amazon

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