Xylem Furniture System by Federico Weber
by sabine7 / November 25, 2009

The Xylem Project by Federico Weber is a furniture design and fabrication system. The base element is a virtual Xylem which is modified in software according to need and then is rapidly fabricated using computer aided manufacturing.


The process requires client input during the design stages of this family of tables, benches and stools. Using processing software to modify Xylem's shape, Weber uses three mathematical principles to make it work: the convex hull, the voronoi diagram and the physical stimulator.


Weber describes the three phases of the creative process: "In the first phase the user can design the top surface by dragging the control points of the shape."


"The resulting wire structure is based on the Voronoi diagram that guarantees a uniform distribution of the elements in the space, and it's both a decorative motif of the top surface and the origin of the legs."


"In the second step the user can check the object in a 3D space and change the legs' proportions. In the last step it's possible to choose among a range of different materials and colors and place the order. Each xylem is fabricated on demand using digital fabrication machinery. The top surface is milled and the voronoi lines filled with colored resin; legs are watercut out from 5mm thick aluminium foil and then painted."

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