Brain Wave Sofa by Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen
by Harry / October 28, 2009

A sofa whose shape was entirely determined by recording the designer's neural activity while thinking of comfort.


The Brain Wave Sofa is just one of several designs being presented by 17 designers as part of the Bits 'n Pieces Exhibit at Material Connexion.

Above, Doug Bucci's MELLITUS bracelet, based on personal CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) readings.

Bits 'n Pieces is an interactive exhibition exploring rapidly advancing technologies and new materials transforming the world of design.

Jointed Pieces necklace by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Through objects such as furniture, architecture, jewelry, graphic design and products by 17 designers, Bits 'n Pieces will examine how design is both conceived and consumed in the post-digital age.

Bits 'n Pieces Exhibit at Material Connexion
From November 4th to December 4th, 2009
At Material ConneXion, 60 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor,
NYC 10010
Tel.: 212-842-2050


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