NoordNoordWest Lamp by JJB Environmental Design
by Jaime / October 27, 2009

Cloudy skies over the mangroves aren't as bad as they sound when describing the landscape at Eindhoven's Nova Gallery during Dutch Design Week. Licht Bewolkt, or Lightly Clouded, was an installation of 30 NoordNoordWest lamps by JJB Environmental Design. The theme of the exhibition was Paper Plastic Fabric, the materials used in all the featured items. Plastic was the substance of choice for this series of light-softening shades, as well as for the Mangrove Vases by Elfi Voermans that are made from plastic used to cover flowers..

NoordNoordWest Lampshade by JJB Environmental Design

Mangrove Vase by Elfi Voermans


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