Studio Glithero at FAT Galerie
by sabine7 / October 26, 2009

What better place than Paris to see Studio Glithero's Les French? Fat Galerie presents a selection of works in gumpaper and bronze, along with Big Dipper chandeliers and vases from A Brief Moment of Happiness.

Big Black Beast is a 32-candle chandelier based on the Big Dipper chandeliers that are created by repeatedly dipping wicks into wax to create the candles. It will burn for approximately 10 hours and is made from paraffin wax that does not drip.


Les French is a collection of drawers and cabinets created from gumpaper strips that sit upon narrow bamboo frames bound with string and cast in bronze. Each individual piece of furniture is part of a family of pieces that demonstrate a delicate awkwardness.


White ceramic vases become Prussian blue through exposure to light, leaving silhouettes of objects that have been resting on the ceramic surfaces. This blueprinting technique involves the use of light sensitive chemicals that coat the vases, making them into ceramic rolls of film. Once exposed to UV light, the change takes place and a print of the surface objects is taken.


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