Geometry in Black by YH2_Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes
by Harry / October 19, 2009

In a dense forest on a slight hill in the Canadian Laurentians sits a new house by YH2_Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes, "A forgotten shipwreck at the heart of the forest."


"Through the trees, the body of a black building is divided into three blocks linked by glass passageways. Three blocks of a home, mid-level from each other, are all in direct contact with the earth."


The house is composed of three geometric blocks;

- An entry block, open on two levels and includes the adolescents quarters and family room.
- A daytime block, central space, friendly, opens onto the terrace.
- A private block, owners suite, isolated from the rest of the home.


"On the north side of the house, a large section of bent corten steel connects the blocks together while defining a series of outdoor settings, always against the light. The chiaroscuro of the forest while both inside and outside the home, the black / white / orange / rust / bark / shadow / light / transparency / opacity."


"This geometry which is both fragmented and linear makes the project a strong spatial experience, allowing direct and variable contact with the landscape. It is this angular part, made of dark and raw materials that unites the house to nature, like a rock that emerges from the ground. A forgotten shipwreck at the heart of the forest."



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