YUG House by X Architekten
by Harry / October 16, 2009

The YUG House by X Architekten was one of the winners of the 2008 Province of Styria Architecture Prize, now the subject of a new book by Haus der Architektur Graz.


Per Andreas Ruby, architecture critic and curator of the Province of Styria Architecture Prize, "The Haus Yug stands in Frauental, a small village in western Styria, and relates equally sensitively and intelligently to this place. At the entrance to the village on the long ridge of a hill, the building underscores this constructional and topographical boundary with its body's form and orientation. It thereby enhances the building structure of the community and avoids harming the landscape. In its way, it represents a counter-strategy to the accelerating urban sprawl in the landscape of Styria, which I consider extremely problematic."


"The new building replaced a rundown former stables that had to be torn down. The architects built the new house precisely on the spot of the old building, because in interplay with the still existing old farmhouse, it thereby creates a protected courtyard area that provides the residents with a maximum of free space. The new construction not only adopted its predecessor's placement on the property, but also its typology, that of the southern Styrian farmhouse."

Another winning home, below, was the In-Side-Out, Pischelsdorf by Arquitectos.


The book, 'Of people and houses. Architecture from Styria. Architecture Graz Styria Yearbook 2008/2009', is available from Haus der Architektur Graz.


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