MoCo Loco Version 3
by Harry / September 23, 2009

As some of you have noticed we're sporting a new look over at Fresh MoCo. After six years with virtually the same clothes, and a minor makeover in 2005, we're happy to announce it's not just for Fresh, Art MoCo will be getting the same treatment as will MoCo Loco in the weeks to come. And it's not just a new look, we've added some new features; you can now read MoCo "magazine style" horizontally and scroll through the page with the arrow keys on your keyboard. If horizontal is not your style, you can change to vertical by clicking on the Switch Layouts button at the top of the page. You can now also "Like" posts by clicking on the colored circles in the top right hand corners, and comment using Twitter and Facebook. There's more to come, in the meantime we'd like to get your feedback. We already know that things are a bit wonky in IE7, Fresh is best viewed in Firefox (and re: IE6, we were inspired by free the web). If you have a moment we would appreciate a word if something isn't quite right or if there's something we forgot to add or change. Simply click on the black Feedback tab at the bottom of the Fresh page and leave a word or you can leave a comment here.

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