peakT (Noisy Tea Time) by anOTHERArchitect
by sabine7 / September 17, 2009

The latest project from Daniel Dendra and anOTHERArchitect is peakT (Noisy Tea Time), a table that represents Cairo's soundscape. One of the noisiest cities in the world, Cairo suffers from car pollution, so recorded sound snips from various intersections were used to generate this piece of furniture. The environmental problem that affects many large cities around the world is translated into wood and metal by way of sound, referencing the noise experienced by pedestrians in Cairo.


Dendra explains:

"The top surface has a strong tectonic deformation (translation of the
soundscape into 3D surface) that represents a specific part of the city. This extreme surface modulation makes it actually impossible to put anything on top of the table. This is a reference to the noise in the streets of Cairo which makes it almost impossible to use the urban environment as a pedestrian."


"A wide tray has the negative soundscape carved on the bottom-side. Only by placing this tray on top of the table makes it functional furniture. This is an analogy to the technical possibility to delete noise by playing the negative sound wave. The table is based on a typical table typology found in tea/shesha shops in Egypt. When the table and the top are separated the tray can be used as a wall relief reminding of the noise of Cairo. This makes the table very space-saving once in dysfunctional (noise) mode."


"The recorded sounds are translated with a script into 3D surfaces. After several optimization iterations to the production restrictions, the data is digitally sent to the manufacturer. A 6-axis CNC router is used to cut the top surfaces and also the twisted sides out of one solid piece of wood in three separate working steps."



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