Soft-Carbon Bag Collection by Purisme
by Harry / September 14, 2009

Purisme, the Viennese design studio known for its carbon letter opener has now launched a soft-carbon bag collection, an "eye-catcher and lifestyle statement in one"...


From Purisme:

PURISME Soft-Carbon Bags combine the fascinatingly iridescent snake-skin texture of Soft- Carbon surfaces with an interior of finest goat velours to produce uncompromising luxury. They are eye-catcher and lifestyle statement in one. Inspired and intelligently functional design shapes a product line that covers the whole fashion bandwidth from business and travel down to casual leisure chic.


On top, the carbon letter opener that started it all. Every letter opener is also fitted with a RFID-TAG programmed with a message from the designer. Followed below by a carbon bracelet, yoyo and pipe.

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