This Week from Tokyo
by Jean / September 9, 2009

Battery maker Eneloop makes a mood light flashlight, the Rezon Cutter Pendant for graphic designers, a "spin the table-top" table and more...

Eneloop Interior Light
+ From Sanyo's energy efficient brand Eneloop (better known for its line of rechargeable batteries), an interior 3-way flashlight.

Cutter Pendant
+ Taking inspiration from one of the design studio's most indispensable tool comes the Rezon Cutter Pendant, designed by Hideo Kawamura.

Crank Trick #2
+ Nobuhiro Teshima's Crank Trick #2 isn't your regular desk: to open the drawers you need to spin the table-top, which activates all four simultaneously. Via Designboom.

+ Design heads to Osaka in the form of the inaugural edition of DESIGNEAST, taking place September 18-20 at Nakanoshima Banks EAST. The is year's edition is a pre-event of sorts ("00"), with the proper "01" event set to happen in 2010.

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