Lisse Rug by Liz Eeuwes
by Harry / August 26, 2009

Liz Eeuwes has designed three rugs based on landscapes from around the world, that's Lisse above inspired by tulip fields...

The entire Lisse rug from above

Strathmore rug inspired by the Scottish countryside

Bali rug inspired by rice paddy terraces

From Liz Eeuwes:

Her first collection is a range of artistic, textured rugs inspired initially by the rich colours and diverse structures of the Scottish countryside. Recognising the similar visual effects of rugs and aerial views of landscapes, Elizabeth began experimenting with various pile heights, hand knotting, weaving, colouring and carving techniques in order to accurately capture the look and feel of these areas.
Each rug is made entirely by hand using the finest materials and the result is a collection of high quality unique pieces that combine colour, texture and shape in a new and exciting way and are appropriate for both contemporary and traditional environments.


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