This Week from Tokyo
by Jean / August 26, 2009

This week new cutlery by Fumie Shibata (above), slanted glasses by No Quiet, Naoto Fukasawa netbooks, desktop accessories for Suikosha, the intuitive Reading Lamp by Jun Yasumoto and Ryohei Yoshiyuki's coffee grounds ashtray...

+ Fumie Shibata produces the beautiful Nagomi set of utensils.

+ From the No Quiet brand, the Naname collection of slanted glasses, which includes a tumbler (330ml) and rock glass (350ml).

+ Naoto Fukasawa designs a netbook for Samsung, the N310. It measures 10.1 inches, weighs 1.23 kg, with a promised 5 hours of battery use. Via Designboom.

Anything Collection
+ UK designer Michael Sodeau designs the "Anything Collection" of desktop accessories for Japanese maker Suikosha. The collection was the winner of a Red Dot Design Award. Via PSFK.

Reading Lamp
+ From Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse, and Vincent Vandenbrouck, the Reading Lamp, a fluorescent light that turns off when you place a book on it. Via Designboom.

Coffee Ash Tray
+ Ryohei Yoshiyuki comes up with an ash tray made out of coffee grounds. Smell from cigarette ashes is absorbed by the coffee. JS

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