Good Afternoon by Mile Project
by sabine7 / August 19, 2009

The Good Afternoon clock by Japan's Mile Project almost gives the impression that time is but a ghost. Narrow rays of light that sneak through small slits in the bezel act as second, minute and hour hands. A great piece if you are already really zen about time, but perhaps nerve-wracking for those in a constant hurry. Yutaka Koyama's mirrors are good for distorting reality when the whole truth proves to be too much, while A/R Studio's Sweethearts coffee set highlights a gentler, kinder reality altogether. And the Wallop by Proudly is a modular hanger system where each section offers hooks that fold out. The sections fit together like puzzle pieces, so that the user is ultimately the creator of the final form. Hang clothes, bags or even light fixtures.

Good Afternoon by Mile Project

Mirror by Yutaka Koyama

Sweethearts coffee set by A/R Studio

Wallop by Proudly

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