Living Chair Number 1 by Anders Huus
by Harry / August 10, 2009

LC1 is a robot chair. Approach the chair and it will unfold itself and greet you by wagging its extremities...


Created by designer Anders Huus, the chair is an experiment which combines furniture design and robotics.

From Anders Huus:

The purpose of LC1 is to test the possibilities of bringing life to traditionally "dead" furniture. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for both functionality and the users experience of the furniture.
LC1 is brought to life by a few simple means: It reacts to light, time and life around itself. The chair rotates quite slowly around its own axis in 24 hours. Simultaneously it opens itself more as light around it becomes brighter and just like a flower it closes itself when the day is waning and light fades away.
When a person approaches the chair it stops rotating, unfolds itself and greets the person by wagging its entire body! Almost like a happy dog greeting you wagging its tail. These 3 properties make LC1 seem alive and forever changing, living its own life.
The combination of furniture and robot reflects in the shape and materials of the chair. Some of the materials of electronics have quite simply replaced the more traditional furniture materials. So it almost seems like the electronics are taking over the chair.
This contrast is further underlined by the fact that the electronics of the chair are partly visible through the ash and copper wire construction.




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