Color Therapy Lamp by Modula
by Harry / August 10, 2009

Peter Kuhar's Modula takes color therapy a step further, his Color Therapy Lamp is adjustable via mobile phone...


The lamp is usable as a regular white lamp, adjusting the light temperature sets up the work environment (warm/ candlelight/ daylight/ cold) after which the user can change the color to emphasize furniture or room colors for an ambient effect.

Watch the video.

From Modula:

Different activities require different types of lighting. Proper lighting is important to achieve top productivity, concentration or to stimulate creativity. Green forests or blue oceans for relaxation, red and orange fires for creativity and romantics, yellow flowers for attention.
Fully adjustable light colors enables you to set the lamp to fit perfectly for any task. Colors are adjustable via your mobile phone.
Like Picasso said : Colors like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

Modula is planning to provide an API for controlling the colors from a number of devices.



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