Dear Diary 1.0 by Marlies Romberg
by Harry / July 13, 2009

For Marlies Romberg, a recent grad of the Utrecht School of Arts, her goal is to "to materialize the ungraspable fast digital world and create an opportunity for nostalgia in this future world."

The result is Dear diary 1.0, above, the fusion of the real world and the digital world...

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A computer embedded in a traditional wooden desk, a wooden keyboard laser cut into and out of the surface of the desk with a screen to match.


Marlies explains; "Personally, I am fascinated by how the world is changing into a digital world. To me it seems that; the digital world is personal but not private at all. For example, when I Google to find information about a friend, I will most likely find information about his life, his pets, his company and maybe a review on a digital camera that he has recently written."


"Notice that the digital verb 'Googling' has recently got the status of a real verb in the Netherlands. Just another example how the two worlds become one." Dear diary 1.0 is thus both the literal and the figurative manifestation of the worlds colliding. A physical reminder that increasingly, the real and the digital are becoming indistinguishable.


And the fitting accessory for Dear Diary 1.0, Topsecret, the porcelain and silicone USB stick on which you can save your personal information and secrets. "With the signet you are sure no one read it."


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