Hangman Clothing Rack by Surya Graf
by Harry / July 13, 2009

New from designer Surya Graf and Snack On, The Hangman Clothing Rack, first inspired by the materials and industrial finish of mass produced wire coat hangers. "Like the coat hanger, Hangman is constructed as one continuous line which bends around itself to create a visually dynamic and practical form."


From Snack On:

It is said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, Hangman offers a spot for those 20%. It provides an immediately accessible place for your favorite jeans, jacket or neck tie and an opportunity to reclaim that chair from underneath your garments.
Aimed primarily at the inner city apartment dwellers who often lack built in storage, the Hangman is a free-standing, adaptable space efficient solution. Clothing can be hung from both the upper and lower rails, with accommodation made for long dresses or suit jackets to hang past the lower rail unimpeded. The lower rail also provides a place to drape pants to prevent creasing.
Manufactured from bent stainless steel tubing, the Hangman measures H1800mm x L1500mm x W600mm and can easily be disassembled into the four components for transportation.

Also from Surya Graf and Snack On is Botany, a CNC machined, marine grade plywood screen inspired by plant forms and the molecular structures of DNA:


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