Living Space by Oliver Schick
by Harry / July 6, 2009

Living space is an interior design concept by Oliver Schick for a 110 square meter apartment in a historic building. Several built-ins and furniture were custom made for the space. More after the jump.




Some recent designs by Oliver Schick:


illupillow, "the result of a research for new sources in lighting design... with an integrated LED reading lamp [that] makes the soft, round, 100 cm diameter foam core to a blend of pillow, upholstery and mattress. The 1 watt lamp is a LUXEON LED with 1.5 volt rechargeable batteries, guaranteeing for hours of lighting. The lamp is placed in the flexible cushioned tube allowing you to direct the light to any desired direction. Sit, kneel, lie and read on illupillow anywhere you like.

woodworks table "with a base frame of solid oak wood. The table top is a beautifully toned glass pane. A wood grain engraving in the glass core creates the sophisticated impression of transparent wood - a stunning and tantalizing contrast between nature, art and artificiality."

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