The Origin by Jin-woog Koo
by Harry / July 4, 2009

The Origin is a washbasin inspired by the "flowing water of a stream" with a unique tap, a stone that releases or blocks the water flow. Part of an exhibition by NOTHING Design Group. More after the jump.

With the theme Soil; Nature's Gift, the NOTHING Design Group is exhibiting a number of items inspired by nature.

The Origin, Washstand by Jin-woog and Jae-han Song, "a wash basin based on the source of a river and the way it flows into a lake. A small cobblestone blocks the source, which starts to spout water meandering down to the basin when the tone is removed. Then, the cobble can double as a plug for the sink."


Forest of Soil concept by Jin-woog Koo, "the age of the earth can be found in strata just as the annual ring tells the age of trees. The geological stratum tells how old earth is.



Brick Lighting-2 by Nam-hoon Kim. "The light is like a brick of pebbles. Light escapes from the gaps between the pebbles and show the beauty of nature in a new way."

Brick Lighting-1 by Nam-hoon Kim, inspired by the story of Papillon, "Is the prisoner the same as us in that he wants to be liberated from a dull and boring daily life? I hope that Brick Lighting can not only give hope to the life of Papillon but also to ours. If you raise your head to above a wall, you can see the Milky Way. Let's talk about hope in the city. (By changing some bricks into Brick Lighting on house walls in the prosaic city, you could enjoy a great night sky view every day. Brick lighting can also be used for a street light)."


From The Nothing Design Group:

The Nothing Design Group is a group of young Korean designers, directed by Koo Jin-woog. They create poetic and narrative designs that playfully address the relationship between people and their environment. Inspired by oriental philosophy, their work explores formless content: how 'nothing' can be designed into something?


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