Objects for the Age of Obama
by sabine7 / June 23, 2009

Objects for the Age of Obama was an exhibition of work by design students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The products are a selection of objects "inspired by Change, Hope, Challenge and Allure." These everyday objects have a flavour of Obama about them, or are simply influenced by current events that can be linked to a new age. Greg Bethel's Collective Clock is one such object. A cluster of ball bearings moves as one, representing the unification of Americans moving towards the future. The Paper Trail Clock by Andrew Peerless is a cross between a digital clock and a to-do list. As the sheets are torn off, the pad begins thinner and the time is easier to read. The Discipline Desk by Eric Hotchkiss is linked to the idea of personal responsibility, so the user is confronted by unfinished work inside the desk that must be completed. The clutter is obscured by a polarizing film when the user approaches or stands over the desk, but as he or she sits, it becomes all too clear that there is work to be done. Evan Walsh's Diplomacy Tool Kit is designed to promote negotiation and facilitate relationships between users by offering choices, opportunities for mediation, or even a simple break. And Gabriel Hargrove's Secretarial Ashtray (above) is a subtle smoking accessory that tries not to call attention to such a habit.

Collective Clock by Greg Bethel

Diplomacy Tool Kit by Evan Walsh

Discipline Desk by Eric Hotchkiss

Discipline Desk by Eric Hotchkiss

Paper Trail Clock by Andrew Peerless

Secretarial Ashtray by Gabriel Hargrove

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