20/30 by Raphaël Charles
by sabine7 / July 3, 2009

Lumps of foamy coal make up the 20/30 rug by Belgian designer Raphaël Charles, and extra nuggets are scattered along the periphery. The name of the carpet is in reference to a standard calibre of coal, raising questions about energy and the future. In the here and now, however, the rug is a cosy spot that beckons bare feet. Arihiro Miyake has used recycled PET bottles to create Fort, a sound-absorbing room divider made up of individual "bricks" held together by magnets. The lightweight modules allow the partition to assume a variety of shapes and sizes. Vases do double duty as message centres, as the Pisarro range offers either a chalkboard or whiteboard surface for note-taking. Little Saigon is a mirror grouping by Studio Taschide that is pretty enough on its own, without any faces peering into it.

20/30 rug by Raphaël Charles

Fort acoustic partition by Arihiro Miyake

Pisarro by Apparatu

Little Saigon by Studio Taschide


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