Pit In by Store Muu
by sabine7 / June 5, 2009

Pit In by Japan's Store Muu Design Studio is a practical use of bicycle storage. Slot your bike into the table and use it as a stool. It might not be as space-saving as hanging it up, but this is certainly a novel approach to dual function. But sometimes all a design needs is a single function, such as Ivanka's Seeyou concrete gravestone that serves as a concrete, yet spiritual reminder of those departed, working in tandem with nature to provide a lasting and peaceful setting. And at the other end of the visual and/or material spectrum is Tord Boontje's Crystal Ice furniture for Swarovski that made an appearance at Euroluce, just across from SaloneSatellite.

Pit In by Store Muu Design Studio

Seeyou by Ivanka

Seeyou by Ivanka

Crystal Ice Stool by Tord Boontje for Swarovski


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