Bond. BeLowTech
by Jaime / June 12, 2009

Bond., a multidisciplinary studio from New York, put together another thought-provoking exhibition during this year's NY Design Week. Held in the Milk Gallery, the members of Bond. offered their solutions to ten unique design problems by looking "through a lens of simplicity and invention." Among the highlights was the work of Cressida Payavis and Maria Horn, along with three pieces from principal Joe Doucet. More after the jump.

Cressida Payavis presented NightLight, a children's book that multi-tasks by serving as two stories in one. The accordion-style book is printed with clear varnish on one side, which can only be read during the day, and glow-in-the-dark ink on the other, allowing for late night perusing. Joe Doucet offered a new version of temporary shelters for victims of natural disasters. The waterproof cardboard structures are lightweight, easy to construct and recycle and are painted with soothing interior colors.

Another member of Bond.,Maria Horn, showcased her personal punch clock which allows users to tally up the time spent on various life activities, all in hopes of creating a balanced existence. Doucet also contributed two other interesting products, a SMS printer along with the SwitchLamp. The former is a portable box that plugs into a laptop or phone and records any communications on non-carbon receipt paper - providing each participant a physical record of IM exchanges. The SwitchLamp is an effort to get consumers to be more energy-conscious simply by super-sizing the light's on and off handle.

NightLight, Ambient Book by Cressida Payavis.

PopShelter, Temporary Shelter by Joe Doucet.

LifeLevel, Personal Time Clock by Maria Horn.

BlackBox, SMS Printer by Joe Doucet.

SwitchLamp, Considered Lighting by Joe Doucet.

NeoLithic Ceramic Cooking Knives, Mathias Kaeding.

Unit3 Modular Building System, Mathias Kaeding.


(photos by Jaime & Eric)

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