This Week from Tokyo
by Jean / May 27, 2009

Ryuji Nakamura's rapid prototyped Insect Cage has 0.3mm bars. After the jump, Ryuji's equally light and airy Hechima Chair, Felissimo's Japan Brand Pop Up Shop and Kyouei's Water Clock.

Ryuji Nakamura
+ Ryuji Nakamura's Insect Cage (left) and Hechima Chair (right, made of paper!). Via Spoon & Tamago.

Japan Brand Pop Up Shop
+ Drop by Felissimo in New York until May 30 for the "Japan Brand Pop Up Shop," featuring "unique home d├ęcor accessories, stationery, one-of-a-kind textiles, cookware, beautiful fashion pieces and lacquer ware products in every shape and color." The Japan Brand project promotes regional industries from Japan. Via Cool Hunting.

Water Clock
+ Next week's "Group Exhibitions: Shinagawa" (June 3-5) at the Terminal Lounge will include works by 100%, Kyouei (above, the Water Clock), Nooka, Ribbon, Pantaloon, StichandSew, and Tou. JS

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