Kkaarrlls 2009
by sabine7 / May 26, 2009

The kkaarrlls collection of about 20 items by a group of young European designers from Karlsruhe was tucked away in Spazio Crispi in Milano, but those who made it there were not disappointed. The Chairstoolbench by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz was not only a new way of visualizing a lack of linearity in seating, but also presented an alternate way of interacting. Bastian Goecke's 2work table pulls out to reveal a large tray or drawer that extends the seating area. This was topped by David Hanauer's Superflux candleholder, a silicone base that gets softer and more flexible as the candle heats up. Philipp Scholz's Lehner is a power bar with extra function, and Tina Schmid's Ascher strips the ashtray down to its essence. Silva Krüppel takes a series of drawers to create a shelf, and Katharina Wahl combines a carpet with an airplane kit. Katrin Sonnleitner displayed a new version of her Puzzle Perser rug and Cordula Kehrer combined plastics with natural fibres to do some creative basketweaving.

Chairstoolbench by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz

2work by Bastian Goecke

Lehner by Philipp Scholz

Ascher by Tina Scmid

Bow Bins by Cordula Kehrer

JU87-G STUKA carpet/airplane kit by Katharina Wahl

Hochstapler by Silva Krüppel

Superflux candleholder by David Hanauer

Puzzle Perser by Katrin Sonnleitner

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