Ikea PS 2009
by Eric / May 21, 2009

As far as affordable contemporary design goes, Ikea pretty much is tops. And every few years since 1995 they have strengthened that idea with their Post Scriptum (PS) collection of works, a bold addition to their existing product range at the same affordable prices. The seventh and latest PS collection was exhibited in Milan a few weeks ago and we got to see it displayed at ICFF in New York this past weekend.

(To wit, above: IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp $89.99 by Marcus Arvonen. IKEA PS AUGUST bench $499 Solid pine and leather by Nike Karlsson)

The collection is comprised of 71 pieces by 20 designers, all which evoke the authentic and innovative Swedish design style that has been driving Ikea since its beginnings. It includes quite a lot of new furniture and textile pieces, some bolder than others, along with a few extra lamps, glass and ceramic items.

An interesting part of the exhibit is how they communicate the novelty behind the pieces: short stories put together describing the who, what, why and how some of these products took form, all narrated with short videos by the designers themselves. Be it inspiration from natural, Swedish or personal history, it certainly clarifies (and seduces) the choices of forms and materials. You can watch them over on the UK website.

So without further ado, here are a few of the pieces you'll start seeing in stores this coming August in North America (they've already begun rolling out in Europe), tagged with the US price list so there are no surprises.

IKEA PS HÄLLAR stool $69.99 Banana fibers, seagrass, cotton and steel. Design: Maria Vinka.

IKEA PS SÅGA chair $69.99/ea Solid beech and plywood. Design: Nike Karlsson.

The beauty of imperfection: IKEA PS SPIKA chair $49.99 Solid beech and oak. Design: Maria Vinka and Jon Karlsson.

IKEA PS SLINGRA chair $99.99 Solid birch, plywood and plastic. Design: Ehlén Johansson.

Cushions are detailed with wood markings but are actually very spongy, a pleasant and comfy surprise when sitting down. IKEA PS BRYGGA swivel easy chair $299 Plastic, steel and aluminum. Design: Marcus Arvonen.

IKEA PS SINKA cabinet with drawers $249 Solid birch. Design: Ehlén Johansson.

My personal favorite of the collection: IKEA PS BINTJE storage crate $49.99, $59.99, $69.99/ea. Francis Cayouette.

IKEA PS KARLJOHAN side table $59.99/ea. Christian Halleröd. IKEA PS KARDA rug $299 Wool, cotton and polyester. Design: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.

IKEA PS SPRAKA spice mill $19.99/ea Solid birch and feldspar porcelain. Design: Marcus Arvonen.

The booth was well laid out, with small pockets of space where the products were displayed. In foreground: IKEA PS PENDEL floor clock $199 Birch/poplar plywood and glass. Design: Carl Hagerling.

Another Ikea & Unicef partnership for workshops for women in India. These wall coverings are partly stitched industrially, but most of it is embroidered by hand, the initials of the worker are embroidered on the tag. IKEA PS GULLSPIRA, MIKKEL and PELLEIKEA PS PENDEL wall coverings. $49.99/ea. Design: Hella Jongerius.

IKEA PS KRONA bowl $14.95 Palm leaf and steel. Design: Maria Vinka.


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