Gong AM/FM Internet Radio Light by Daria Shashorina
by sabine7 / June 15, 2009

Would Digital Primitive's Parametric Bookshelves have stood out as much in the basement of Superstudio Più without the many bunches of not-quite-ripe bananas hanging around? Probably, on account of the various shades of pink. Also eye-catching was Gong (above), a very pretty AM/FM Internet Radio Light by Daria Shashorina in the Hidden Heroes exhibit. The Luggage X Couchscape in the Dark Matter display looked like a typical scene beside the baggage carousel, but represents the notion of a different type of flight: according to designers Wyssem and Cécile Nochi, the Lebanese are always poised to take flight if need be. Luca Nichetto's Fool on the Hill, ceramic seating, was the second Nichetto piece that we liked that week (the first being a sensible desk), and it was great to see some of Liana Yaroslavsky's dazzling work. These tables must be fascinating for crawling babies.

Parametric Bookshelves by Catherina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte, AKA Digital Primitive

Gong AM/FM Internet Radio Light by Daria Shashorina

Luggage X Couchscape by Wyssem and Cécile Nochi

The Fool on the Hill by Luca Nichetto

Liana Yaroslavsky

LN701 by Luca Nichetto


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