Patamagazine May 09
by Harry / May 6, 2009

Gentile MOCOLOCO, E' disponibile il numero di Maggio di Patamagazine, and so the email reads from the creators of this POD mag (print on demand); the May issue of Patamagazine is now available. Available on the web at Issuu in an online reader or you can have it printed and sent to you. As you may have read here earlier there were a few daily news sheets published during Milan Design Week, now, a week later, this issue of Patamagazine is the 44-page glossy design week magazine a short week later.

From the Patamagazine Editoriale:

"And in this invasive anarchy that occupies this city, a capital of this Italy, there is something really special and unique, this country of parasites and revenue. It is the beauty of the battle, made of squadrons, heroes, myths, Ulysses, bosses, women, inventions and plunders. The beauty of live capitalism, the beauty of the concept of projects and production of the objects, of imagination and fulfillment, the idea of invention, organization, making, doing, selling: may the best one win."


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