Reincarnation by Tithi Kutchamuch
by sabine7 / May 6, 2009

"Stirring coffee takes only a moment, but that small plastic stirrer will last for hundreds of years." Tithi Kutchamuch's new Reincarnation project is an examination of how to bring value to discarded objects such as an egg box, a plastic spoon, a stirrer, a mouthwash bottle, an artificial flower, a polystyrene burger box, and a stack of baking cases. By reincarnating them in silver, Kutchamuch offers them a second life as a table setting. If the user tires of them, they can be traded instead of thrown away, thanks to their material value. Kutchamuch uses a lost wax casting technique where the discarded objects are used instead of wax. She says, "Casting is a process through which wax models are immersed in plaster, the wax is then burnt out and molten metal is poured into the resulting cavity. This is a conventional casting process, but instead of using wax I have used discarded objects."





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