More Designersblock Milan 2009
by sabine7 / May 6, 2009

Some of the furniture offerings at Designersblock begged more than a second look. The paper wood stool from Drill Design was lovely in its subtlety: all those layers of colour sandwiched between other plainer layers. The cast aluminium furniture from John Reeves was more delicate than expected, a fine balance of metal and wood. Laszlo Rozsnoki had a couple of intriguing pieces. One was the Share-a-chair, a simple Thonet chair split in half to make two (once more legs are added, of course). The halves may be used together for one user or separately for two. Another seating option is to turn one sideways and use the backrest as an armrest. Rozsnoki's Ropeshelf was all angles and taut cords, almost as though strings waiting to be plucked. Masahi Sawada had some pieces on display, including a colourful composite table that could not escape attention (above).

Masashi Sawada

Paper Wood stool from Drill-Design

Cast Aluminum Series One by Reeves Design

Share-a-chair by Laszlo Rozsnoki

Ropeshelf by Laszlo Rozsnoki


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