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by sabine7 / April 30, 2009

Every show has its stars and Sweden's Front Design was definitely a major player in Milan this year. But when I suggest that this is their year, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist and Katja Pettersson seem shy. They say, "It has just started. We'll see." I met them at the launch of Veuve Clicquot's Out of the Box exhibition for which they designed Chaise Lounge, a seating island inspired by the company's new eco-friendly presentation box. We chatted about this design and I continued to run into their superlative work in Milan throughout the week. They were everywhere. And why not? This design collective that met whilst students at Konstfack is as creative as it is friendly and charming.

The pixelated nature of the sculptural Chaise Lounge for Veuve Clicquot conceals a surprise; springs that allow the piece to be more user-friendly than it looks. When you sit, you sink down into sections that conform to the shape of your body. The varied levels adapt. By the way, it weighs 1.3 tons.

What is the idea behind this wooden island?

We wanted to create the illusion of the boxes stacked together. The illusion is that it is hard, but when you sit on it, it is soft.

What was the biggest challenge in designing this seating?

The big challenge was the brief. It was very limiting to be creative out of something static. But limitation can be inspiration.

We had so many ideas, but not so close to the box. The experience of drinking champagne is an idea that is usually out of the box. Champagne is very inspirational. It has such a strong identity that there are so many ways to go.

The box is something everyone has seen or knows, so it is nice to do something unexpected.

Chess Table for Moooi

Did the global economic crisis inform your design at all?

We started the project well before the recession hit, so it took on different meaning as time went on. Now it can be seen as a luxury from time to time. In Swedish we say the golden edge of the glass...

Blow Away Vase for Moooi

Cushion Sofa for Moroso

Detail of Draped Sofa for Moroso

Highlight Tables for Moroso

Illuminated Rug for Moroso

Soft Wood Sofa for Moroso

Shade Mirrors for Established & Sons

Puddle Umbrella Stand for Skitsch

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