Big Fall by Lee Stoetzel
by Harry / April 21, 2009

Artist Lee Stoetzel's fourth solo show at the Mixed Greens gallery will feature his iconic Big Fall installation, known for his sculptural icons rendered in wood, in this instance it's leaves. The announcement featured the image above and it struck me how the wooden gutter and leaves might make a desirable replacement for a mantel (as art piece bien sure). Per Mixed Greens, "Each piece was created at a scale of 1:1. As the viewer investigated the craftsmanship, the familiar object was transformed and rediscovered." Just a thought. After the jump, Soner Ön's windows of escape and inspiration.

Soner Ön's O'Salvation, Deliver me from Evil

From Mixed Greens:

Ön grew up in a Brooklyn neighborhood overrun with crime, drugs and poverty. As a child, he found companionship in the glow of the television, and, more specifically, the magical flashes of light in his favorite cartoons. These halo-esque illum-inations could be used to illustrate a religious epiphany, but, in Ön's case, they act as a metaphor for his literal salvation from the streets outside.
Years later, Ön captured these important moments by photographing the television screen with a long exposure and printing the pictures as Duratrans. The static image is once again illuminated as a beacon of hope when hung in the window and backlit. Ön uses fluorescent tubes and contemporary printing technology to capture light and spirituality in the way painters used glazing techniques in the past. Lacking any reference to a specific cartoon, character, or Ön's personal experience, the beams of light represent worship, tranquility and transcendence.


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