The Doll House by Nika Zupanc
by Harry / April 21, 2009

A black dotted architectural installation will be greeting visitors at the entrance to Superstudio PiĆ¹ in Milan this year. Called The Doll House it's one of several items created by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc for Milan Design Week. "With its chimney and pearlescent smoke, it works as a monolith that separates the world of objects from the world of forms, thus representing a passage into another dimension. The pavilion's interior is suffused with a passionate intertwining of rational and irrational features in a family of six objects that can be read between the covers of The Doll House as the resistance of women chained in Romanticism that prefer to buy the flowers themselves." The objects; sofas, a table, a toy car, a crib, a feather duster, and the Mrs. Dalloway mini hotplate. More after the jump.

The Doll House, made with Qbiss panels

From Nika Zupanc:

The exhibition Temporary Museum of New Design is curated by the legendary Giulio Cappellini and features a strictly selected and cosmopolitan overview of relevant designers and companies. From 22 to 27 April 2009, the much-anticipated presentation of what any of the 26 invited designers has to say to the world, which yearns for new ideas, will take place at two locations in Milan, covering a total of 13,000 m.
With her exhibition I Will Buy the Flowers Myself, Nika Zupanc tackles the established attributes of a socially stigmatized woman with her characteristic sincerity, which is here especially inspired by the stories of some of the most famous female literary heroines. Her display space thus opens up through a sequence of spicy comments cast in shamelessly beautiful forms.
The genetic design of the Mrs. Dalloway hotplate is fatally simple; however, precisely because of this its ambitions are exquisite. Its form and construction flirt with "haute-couture" logic and a fully "clean-cut" function. Nika Zupanc designed this mini hotplate exclusively for Gorenje, an internationally recognized, ambitious, and design-oriented producer of home appliances. The mini hotplate designed in this spirit elegantly sweeps away kitchen-related prejudices; its unusual form places it among the daring icons of modern urban life more than among hardworking home appliances. In a rather shameless manner, it emphasizes the opposing roles that we play, torn between our tasks and our image, our promises and their actual effects.

Tapisserie and Phonique sofas and Mrs. Dalloway hotplate for Gorenje


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