Radiant Audi by Rogier Sterk
by Harry / April 14, 2009

"This kind of aluminum sandwich material is normally used in automobiles such as the Audi A2." But it's in a lamp, pictured above, an aluminum pendant light created by Rogier Sterk for an Arnhem, Netherlands based training facility. Radiant Audi is an oversized interactive lamp (5.5+ feet in diameter) made out of 16 diamond-shaped, reflective sheets of aluminum with eight fluorescent tubes hidden in the outer rim of the lamp. "Although the shape of the lamp is highly symmetrical, light can enter and exit the lamp from many directions and many angles. Consequently, the light is perpetually changing and interacting with surrounding objects. From whatever viewpoint, the lamp seems to have a different glow."

Radiant Audi seen from below.


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