Text-ile by Dante Bonuccelli
by Harry / April 14, 2009

Designer Dante Bonuccelli and Lamm have created a unique armchair for the UMUL 2009 project (Use More, Use Less), a permanent workshop on re-use in design. We haven't seen the entire chair (correction: we have seen the entire chair, see after the jump), but it's back is made of computer keys, which if they flex, might add a heretofore unseen level of comfort from keys. Via Lamm; "The project requires keyboards of the same type and dimension. Through DAGAD, we came into contact with VOICE SYSTEMS, a company offering IT support to users with visual disabilities. This company develops and produces a machine for the automatic reading of printed texts, known as VOICEbox. The device is integrated with a laptop, from which the keyboard is removed, as it has a numeric keyboard that is easier to use for those with visual disabilities." The discarded laptop keyboards were then used to create Texte-ile.


Via Laboratorio DAGAD:

In occasion of the Fuori Salone 2009 Laboratorio DAGAD, supported by ANAB (National Association of Bioecological Architecture), presents the second appointment with the UMUL project (Use More, Use Less), a standing workshop on reuse in the design, launched during the Salone del Mobile 2008.
With the patronage of companies, leader in this sector, young designers and architects have been invited to work on innovative projects of reuse, characterised by the quality and the skill usually expressed in an hand-list production of companies.
Laboratorio DAGAD presents the prototypes of the projects that have been realised during the workshop. At the same time, an exhibition will show the state of art of the reuse at international level, through examples of high formal, aesthetic and functional quality.

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