Giannina Family by Khodi Feiz
by Harry / March 27, 2009

Khodi Feiz recently completed a design project for Giannini, a small family run design company in Italy. Called the Giannina Family, it's a family of coffee products consisting of insulated press-filter coffee makers, milk and sugar set, cups and saucers, serving tray and the redesign of the classic Giannina stove-top espresso maker (circa 1968). Says Feiz "This project took a very long time, but we had a great time developing it." More after the jump.


From Feiz Design Studio:

For this family an eight cup and a three cup insulated press-filter coffee makers were developed. The stainless steel body is double walled allowing it to maintain hot temperatures twice as long as conventional infusers. The lid presents a directional knob whose position indicates the opening and closure of the spout further maintaining the heat inside. The milk jug and sugar bowl are complementary and stackable, thus enhancing the inseparable relationship between the two objects. The espresso and cappuccino cups, manufactured in quality porcelain, have been designed to fit seamlessly into the collection. And Lastly, trays complete the family, a lacquered platter to hold the objects, accented by stainless steel handles for a solid grip.
All of these objects have been designed and developed with the core principles of functionality and need as opposed to trends and tendencies, which also served as the starting principles of the original Giannina.



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