2 (or 3) Questions for llot llov
by sabine7 / April 2, 2009

Bill and Clark, llot llov's storage solutions, caught our eye at this year's IMM Cologne. This multi-disciplinary creative studio in Berlin has a portfolio full of energetic design that reflects a sense of humour along with practicality. Known for its knitted lighting, llot llov also creates furniture, installations, conceptual work and interiors. The studio is made up of four multi-disciplinary designers: Ania Bauer, Jacob Brinck, Lena Hirche and Ramon Toshiro Merker. Jacob gave us some insight into llot lov's motivation and some advice on how to handle these complicated times.


Your storage solutions are quite innovative, while based on common sense. Sometimes these designs would appear to be the type of idea that others wish they had thought of. What is your creative process for items such as Bill, Todd or Clark?

The origin of the projects Bill, Todd and Clark is simply the observation of every day usage. Consumers everywhere are generating new uses for objects without being fully aware of it. These usages are random, but they are, nevertheless, part of a general order. The multi-faceted usage of certain everyday objects is hence conventional in itself. The Observations of the extended use of objects within the home were reason to start designing. The furniture values the intuitive uses and tries to approach the consumer as co-designer. The user designs the product by using the object in a different way or context from its original purpose - design through 'incorrect' use.

For example: It is quiet normal that people throw their laundry on chairs or stools. The stool becomes a laundry basket or valet. The stool Todd leaves place for the everyday laundry. What's normally not comfortable to sit on is in this case important. The laundry is the cushion of the seat. What was once called messy is now necessary.


It looks like the four of you have a lot of fun with your work. How do you maintain the right balance without letting distractions take over?

The fun aspect is a big factor of our work. We work long and hard, so without having fun this wouldn't be possible. The main part is the communication between us. Every project we do is based on discussions we have or an inspiration we share. Of course sometimes we get lost in a conversation, which seems to lead us nowhere. In the long run we benefit from this crabwise. So in a way the distraction is also part of our work.


Do you have any new projects that you are able to share with us? What's next for llot llov?

We will be part of two group exhibitions in Milan. The most important one for us is the "Made in Berlin" exhibition we will have in ZonaTortona. The concept of the new products we'll show is different to last year and to Cologne.

Considering what is currently happening on the global scene, meaning the virtual as well as the real world, llot llov feels a strong urge to set a formative counterstatement against the rising hysteria.

If old values are no longer valid, they make room for the definition of new frameworks.

Constantly in search for valuable raw materials, llot llov tends to use functional basics found in industrial contexts. Inconspicuous, underestimated materials and products are taken out of their usual environment and removed from their original function, thus emerging with a new face and form. Thus, the perception of the onlooker is changed by the new subtext. The original functionality merges into the background, bringing out the beauty, form and elegance of the material, thus becoming an important aesthetic feature of the design object. Taken out of its original setting and placed in a different mise-en-scène, the material itself is transformed in its value.

The combination of the well known with the extraordinary produces a provocative tension.

Let's go forward at full strength -- don't let the tension bring you down.

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