Hella Jongerius + Maharam + Nike = Layers Airforce Limited Edition
by Harry / March 24, 2009

The first ever collaboration between textile company Maharam and Nike Sportswear will be a limited edition project for the 25th anniversary of Nike's Air Force sneaker. Incorporating Hella Jongerius' Layers, an embroidered textile designed by Jongerius for Maharam, the special edition Airforce sports shoe will be officially launched at an invitation only event at Moss on April 1st. The Layers AF1's will be available for sale at Moss starting April 2.

Layers AF1 detail


From Maharam:

"What if you were given the opportunity to re-imagine the AF1? Nike invited 18 innovators from across the world to do exactly that. This is Nike 1 World."

Nike 1 World is a collection of AF1, created in partnership with global innovators in the fields of sport, music, art and design. Featuring 18 original styles, the 1 World collection will release over the course of eight months and will see the AF1 once again explore new territory.

Nike Design selected Maharam to participate based on its distinct approach to textiles and its prominence in the world of interior and industrial design, in parity with Nike's longstanding commitment to invention and innovation. Maharam's unique interpretation of the AF1 introduces a silhouette constructed of Layers, a textile created by the Maharam Design Studio in collaboration with Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius. Layers, produced in single and double layered variations in 100% wool felt, uses sophisticated full-width embroidery equipment played against artisanal hand-cutting to create patterning, resulting in an "industrial craft" hybrid. This already complex textile was further engineered to meet the specific needs of the AF1. The result represents a multi-disciplinary undertaking, bridging disparate aspects of industrial design including sports technology, textile design and the conceptual avant-garde.


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