MoCo Submissions: f-low side table, Zipper luminaire, Swing Up side table
by sabine7 / March 20, 2009

Clockwise from top left; Timothy Schreiber's "punch drawn" f-low side table, John Niero's silicone, LED and zipper Zipper luminaire for Justnotnormal, Aquilialberg's stackable Swing Up side table, and Elastico's latest Google Pillow. More after the jump.

+ Timothy Schreiber's f-low side table of polished aluminium has a soft, organic shape that has been laser cut and then "punch drawn" to its final form.

+ Inspired by quilting and sewing, John Niero used silicone, LEDs and zippers for the Zipper luminaire for Justnotnormal. The zipper allows the light to be zipped onto a wall bracket, zipped into a cylinder or multiple sections to be connected.

+ Aquilialberg's first collaboration with Serralunga is the stackable Swing Up side table that also functions as storage, a pouf or a flowerpot depending on whether you add the lid or the cushion.

+ The latest Google Pillow is now available from Elastico. The top searches from 2008 are commemorated on this feather pillow.

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