MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / February 26, 2009

+ Jungyou's Babyboy in the Cloud pillow blanket is exactly that: a cosy combination of pillows that can be enveloped around you. The designer used a knitting machine to create the removable cover, and there are spaces between some sections so that the piece can be folded into a fort-like cocoon. For clouds above, you can use Joons' Cloud Umbrella with an inflatable canopy inflated with a pump in the tube and handle.

+ Fedora is the latest lighting design put forth by Dima Loginoff. Fedora takes the familiar shape of the Russian matryoshka doll and functions as a night-light of LED and glass.

+ Thoms & Nilsson have always noticed that young people have a tendency to perch on the backrest of benches, perhaps to be at eye-level with anyone passing by. The Alternative is a bench that offers a higher perch complete with footrest and backrest.

+ The Igneous series of floor lamps by Li-Rong Liao comes in a variety of laser cut patterns. The shade starts off flat and the user rolls it into shape and pops out the pattern. Liao gets the inspiration from igneous rock that starts as magma, cools down and takes shape.

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