Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / February 21, 2009

Anonimous-Led's concrete and glass Casa Y at Plataforma Arquitectura.

This week's picks:

+ Jun Igarashi Architects' long Corridor In The Field at What We Do Is Secret.

+ NRJA's House of Ruins at Arch Daily, "a new family house built inside the 19th century ruins of a traditional Latvian barn."

+ 11xDesign Portland house tours at Jetson Green, "features new buildings designed, financed, and developed by 11 Portland architects and designers".

+ John Letourneau's watchthehousegrow at Materialicious, "After 20 years of various homes and renovations, it's time to grow my first one from scratch. With 158 acres to choose from, I settled on a little plateau with southern exposure overlooking my agricultural land."

+ Andrew Maynard Architects' Vader House at Archinect, "The extension is a framed steel skeleton which envelopes the unusually high masonry boundary wall built prior to height restrictions, reclaiming it into the interior. The roof then responds to site setbacks which result in a distorted and subverted answer to regulations. This produces high folded internal planes, allowing double height ceilings, a mezzanine level and spacious interior."

+ october ueda + nakagawa architects' 195 square meter Skew house at Judit Bellostes, "The house sits on a plot with a significant slope and a small bamboo forest."

+ Kraus Schonberg's Haus W at architechnophilia, a "130 sqm residence in Hamburg, Germany by Kraus Schonberg Architects is partially submerged to provide privacy yet keep a sense of openness. The glazed lower level contains the living areas with views into garden, whilst the varying upper floor levels - finished in engineered timber on the exterior contain the more private spaces wrapped around the central atrium."

+ Brendeland & Kristoffersen's Berlin box DesignMai 2005 project at SpaceInvading, a 7 square meter cabin in a box.

+ Video of dRMM's Sliding House at Wallpaper*, "The brief was simple: to build a house to retire to in order to grow food, entertain and enjoy the East Anglia landscape". Via AMNP.

+ Site-Specific and Buatalah Studio's Green Container Housing Demo in Thailand at TreeHugger, "constructed of 4 reused shipping container and prefabricated modules. The home was designed for the family of three and it is roughly around 100 sq.m. (~1000 SF)".

+ Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects' House in Hiyoshi renovation and House in Sagamino.

+ Clarendon's controversial Thin House at Apartment Therapy, 12 feet wide with "2,880 square feet [on] four floors, four bedrooms, and three-and-a-half bathrooms."

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