MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / February 19, 2009

+ The Staypuff Crib by 20.87 Design Studio in São Paulo combines the base of a pushcart with a traditional crib. This very portable crib is a practical idea whose base is a combination of pneumatic wheels and metal and the top is of reforested Pinus wood.

+ Combining traditional weaving techniques with modern materials, the Mimi magazine rack by Ivey Lian is created by weaving thin strips of clear acrylic into a rib structure of molded acrylic. Mimi has two pockets for newspapers and magazines and a shallow pocket for letters.

+ The Unvase by dOt is a set of two vases that make up the silhouette of a traditional vase. The optical illusion is heightened further by the use of black and white glaze to highlight the form.

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