Radiant Dark 09: Tips and Trade Offs by Orest Tataryn
by sabine7 / February 16, 2009

Lighting was an important feature at Radiant Dark. Orest Tataryn's Tips and Trade Offs are illuminated objects consisting of pyrex tubing, neon tubes and glass frits. Any detritus from these pieces are reintegrated back into the composition as a core element. Propellor Design's Dram chandelier is a light sculpture composed of 120 tumblers and drinking glasses that were staples in every Canadian kitchen in a not-so-bygone era. These coloured glasses, hanging bottoms up, are a reminder of decadence, late nights and kitchen parties. Grey Shadows are blown glass pendant lights by Cali Balles and Don Maclennan . They forms start out as perfect ovoids, but then begin to decay as air is sucked out. The playful trio of Goldair lights from Dietz Janssen Associates are lightweight gold air socks of mylar foil that contain coloured LED lights, and Erin McCutcheon's Archaic Banes lamps are based on the molecular forms of poisons. Elegant, but decidedly corrupted.

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Dram chandelier by Propellor Design

Grey Shadows by Cali Balles and Don Maclennan

Goldair by Dietz Janssen Associates

Archaic Bane lamps by Erin McCutcheon


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