Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / January 6, 2009

This and last week's picks:

+ Elemental's Quinta Monroy project at Arch Daily, social housing that grows over time, "when the given money is enough for just half of the house, the key question is, which half do we do. We choose to make the half that a family individually will never be able to achieve on its own, no matter how much money, energy or time they spend."

+ MOS' Floating House at Arch Daily, "The location on the Great Lakes imposed complexities to the house's fabrication and construction, as well as its relationship to site."

+ PS Arkitektur's FjÀllhus at Remodelista, "a modest modernist cabin in the snowy woods".

+ Katia Polletin's Allmeinde Commongrounds in Austria at Remodelista "a converted barn that functions as a meeting place, gallery, cultural center, and base for artist residencies."

+ Shed Building Design's Garage Studio at Remodelista, a "transformation of a detached garage in Seattle into a functional, loftlike apartment. The 320-square-foot space features a faceted ceiling, which is designed to guide warm air to the triangular vent window for passive ventilation."

+ Kubota Architect Atelier's T-House at What We Do Is Secret.

+ Modern Green Cabin Kits at Jetson Green, "The cabins are built with SIPs and steel and can be customized in an endless manner to suit the needs of a future cabin owner."

+ BrightBuilt Barn at Jetson Green, a net-zero energy home with a trademark feature; an "exterior LED lightskirt, which was designed to change color depending on the home's energy use."

+ MELD architecture's country house in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of south western France at Archidose, "Essentially robust and low tech, the house is highly insulated and utilizes the potential for passive solar heating in the winter, while the high thermal mass of the lower floor and large volume of the timber frame (with sun-shading shutters to south facing windows) enables a comfortable temperature to be maintained in the summer without the need for air conditioning or mechanical ventilation." Via noticias arquitectura.

+ Ultimate House video interview with Atelier Bow-Wow, "architects Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and his partner Momoyo Kaijima of Atelier Bow-Wow designed and built this 'micro' house in 2005 as their residence and office." Via What We Do Is Secret.

+ Zero Energy Design's Solar Decathlon Sustainable House in Ithaca, New York at Trendir, with a "photovoltaic system; solar thermal system; structural insulated panels; a proprietary entropy recovery ventilation system; low to no-VOC materials; a permeable driveway; rain-water recycling and water-efficient fixtures; and rapidly renewable materials throughout."

+ XTEN Architecture's Surfhouse at Trendir, "a small volume of just 23 ft. wide by 29 ft. deep by 30 ft. high - which sits a few short blocks from Hermosa Beach."

+ NYTimes' Remaking the Scene the Once/Again story of Allen B. Schwartz's NYC apartment, "what the apartment looked like when it was photographed in 1979 and what it looks like today after being completely renovated." See the slideshow here. Via Contemporist.

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