MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / January 6, 2009

+ Australian jewellery designer David Neale takes inspiration from "the simplicity of Paul Rand, the playfulness of Alexander Calder and the mysteriousness of Joseph Beuys" to create pieces that have some poetry about them. His Longfellow gold snake ring makes a sleek, yet substantial statement.

+ The practical handbags in the Poupées Russes line by Léa Nguyen are large enough to carry a small laptop and come with two reusable nylon shoppers that peep through their own pockets. When needed, they are easy to pull out and pop into action. The classic version comes in leather and the spring collection is available in a mix of leather and canvas.

+ The AR1 chaise longue by Arthur Rottier is an update on a classic. This ergonomically designed chaise is longer than those from the past, in keeping with a taller demographic. The white base is made of EPS and polyester foam, with soft cushioning. These materials allow for indoor and outdoor use.

+ Twist is a new chair concept from Berlin-based Jan Schreiner. The idea of infinity suggested by the graphic makes for an interesting topper to this simple shape.

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