Operation FZ by Fabrica and Zanotta
by sabine7 / December 1, 2008

From December 5 through January 8, 2009, Fabrica and Zanotta will be celebrating the season with Operation FZ, a display of Fabrica designs in Zanotta's Milan showroom. Many of the designs are tableware for Secondome and Bosa Ceramiche, such as the witty roast meat dome shown above. The mouth-blown glass pieces are by Fabrica's Valentina Carretta, Becka Citron, Ben Cabelli and Rita Botelho. The ceramic tableware includes the Tea Time collection by Valentina Carretta and Design Slices by Sam Baron. This dinner service is made up of classic styling with a slice cut off to reveal a silver edge.

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Design Slices

Tea Time

Upside Down

Floating Fauna


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