Yves Behar and Canal +'s Le Cube
by Harry / October 16, 2008

French TV channel Canal+ has just launched Le Cube, an integrated Set Top Box and complete UI experience designed by Yves Behar/fuseproject. Says Behar, "as my team and I at fuseproject were completing the One Laptop Per Child, CANAL+ came all the way to San Francisco to work with us on something that had to be very useful and innovative.". The integrated system presents information, personal preferences and communication "before one has turned-on the TV". The backlit graphic can display a show, recording and other useful daily information like the time, or function as an alarm for your favorite shows.

+ fuseproject.com


The design of the black square interactive area was not a style exercise, but actually is a precise 128x128 pixels LCD display allowing unique animations and an automatic brightness adjustment to the environment. The decoder is designed to be used in either a horizontal or vertical position; this was done through the implementation of a gyroscopic sensor to automatically orientate the information displayed in the appropriate position."


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