Social Souvenir
by Harry / October 15, 2008

"See if someone in New York, Paris or Sæby bought the same souvenir as you."

Danish designer Sebastian Campion has created a new souvenir concept, Social Souvenir is a T-shirt imprinted with a text fragment inspired by 15 renowned artists represented in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark's collection. Artists such as Yoko Ono, Erik Satie, Marcel Duchamp and Per Højholt on 300 T-shirts that are exhibited and put on sale at the MoCA. "Visitors can buy a T-shirt of their own choice, the only condition being that they share a bit of personal information about themselves, or more precisely: their name and address". When paying for the T-shirt at the museum's shop, the information is automatically mapped in Google Maps, thereby making it possible to see where each T-shirt ends up after leaving the museum.




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