Home Delivery Prefab Preview: Some Assembly Required
by Jen / July 28, 2008

Lightening-quick construction, manufacturing predicated on minimal waste, (relative) affordability, instant cultural cred—who wouldn’t be seduced by the benefits of building prefab? This writer, for one, has long been intrigued by the movement’s largely utopian outlook—if not entirely convinced that said idealism will ever add up to anything beyond a quirky fringe phenomenon, no matter how much it’s played out in the press. MoMA’s informative/fun “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” didn’t do much to change my bias, but it sure offered plenty of proof that the “fringe” has churned out some pretty interesting design over the years—and that the movement has a tantalizing and surprisingly far-reaching back story.

For context, check out the jam-packed sixth floor gallery (although you’ll need a second visit just to take in all the videos). But for an up-close look at a handful of innovative projects, make a beeline for the museum’s side lot, where MoMA, under new design and architecture chief Barry Bergdoll, is happily reviving its tradition of displaying full-scale houses—a story in and of itself. Check back with us throughout the week, as we visit three of our favorite projects.

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